Flood Damage Restoration Ballarat

Emergency Water Damage Repair & Restoration, Wet Carpet Cleaning & Drying Service In Ballarat 

Flood and water damage restoration is a process of restoration and repairing of the wet building items and flooring after they have faced flood due to excessive water. At Flood Restoration Specialist, the technicians are registered and qualified with IICRC in water damage restoration. Our Flood Damage Restoration Ballarat services are operated with top-class technology to clean and dry all structures, flooring, ceilings and walls, etc. 

We offer both commercial and home flood restoration services. Moreover, our flood damage remediation team considers providing the fastest assistance before the situation gets any worse (mould). So, if you are looking for emergency flood restoration or wet carpet drying in Ballarat, call us right now. We are actively taking bookings at 0488 811 269

Ballarat #01 Team For carpet flood restoration services 

The experts at Flood Restoration Specialist are very prompt and skilled in offering satisfactory services to water damaged carpets. Irrespective of how wet your carpet is, or how much volume of water has been intruding in the building, we can help you restore them. We are among the top-ranking flood damage cleanup companies that restore your place to pre-loss situations. 

Of course, you must react quickly & give us a ring as fast as you face any water leak or flooding. The sooner the professional water damage flood restoration experts get to your place, there are better chances that we can fully restore your flooring/ carpets properly. 

Affordable flood damage cleaning service in Ballarat 

Flood Restoration Specialist has the most versatile and modern version of water flood cleanup equipment. For insurance, high air velocity movers allow the maximum level of air to spread throughout and help with the quick cleaning process. We make sure all of our domestic and commercial flood restoration services are given at an affordable price. Knowing the fact that water damage is an unnecessary expense, we do not charge any extra and ask for genuine cleaning prices. Though, this does not mean, we do not provide superior quality service. Our technicians are skilled at offering the best-quality and mess-free cleaning and drying. Moreover, we provide inexpensive after flood clean up too! 

What Are Responsible For Water/ Flood Damage? 

Flood damage can lead to chaos in your property and life. Our dedicated Flood Damage Restoration Ballarat team can help you prevent all flooding issues. There can be several reasons for flood damages, including: 

  • Hot water system leak/burst
  • Burst/leaking pipes
  • Leak in Dishwasher
  • Blocked drains
  • Bathtub overflow
  • Rainwater and hail storms
  • Sewer Damage
  • Roof leaks and many more. 

Emergency Wet Carpet Water Extraction Service In Ballarat 

Whether you have a faulty tap or flooded washing machine, a normal pipe bust or if your roof area has formed a leak, there are so many situations where you need an emergency water clean up and extraction service for carpets. The flood water removal should take place immediately. You must not let the water sink into the floors or walls. Our restoration flood company utilises trusted methods and machines to safeguard your house from water and mould damage. So, let our highly talented carpet water removal specialists handle it for you. Book us for affordable emergency wet carpet restoration today! 

Steps That We Take To Deal With Flood Damage

  • Our flood damage restoration experts in Ballarat will first inspect the affected area with unique equipment to analyse the volume of moisture or water present. 
  • Water is then extracted through high-pressure suction machines
  • We clean any dirty water spots and stains on the carpet by anti-staining treatment. 
  • We also avoid mould build-up by using carpet mould cleaning treatment.
  • Deodorization is done by using a special absorber that not only takes all the odour but also eliminates and attacks the odour source. 
  • The carpet is then steam/dry clean by using the best methods.
  • Water/flood damage inspection is done again to support your insurance claims. 

Why Must You Trust Our Experts For Flood Damage Restoration Service? 

There are so many reasons for which you can trust experts at Flood Restoration Specialist. Here are some of them:

  • Experience: We understand you have some options as Ballarat is a large city. But, with our trained and experienced carpet cleaners and flood water extraction experts, you can be sure of a classic service experience. 
  • Advanced Equipment: We use the best cutting edge equipment and technology that extracts each drop from the flooded underlay and carpets. 
  • Certified: Our water/flood damage restoration experts are fully certified. So, you can be sure we will clean every trace of water, moisture and sanitisation, etc. 
  • 24 by 7 Service: Our company works nonstop for flood water damage restorations in Ballarat. So, feel free to call us anytime and get rid of water damage quickly. 
  • Professional & Polite: We are both polite and professional at work. Our technicians carefully listen to you and advance the best possible solutions that are both safe for you, your belongings and your family. 


Q. How much time does it take to dry a flooded home? 

The average time for drying is between 7 to 12 hours only if the water extraction has been done immediately. However, this time duration can be decreased if there is high temperature, low humidity & good airflow accessing the area. With our professional methods of water extraction, you can get speedy carpet drying. However, the time period needed for carpet drying also relies on the carpet thickness too. 

Q. Do you offer wet carpet drying on weekends in Ballarat? 

Yes, we work on weekends and public holidays too. So, feel free to schedule wet carpet cleaning anytime. 

Q. How much will a water damage restoration service cost? 

The cost of any water damage restoration service depends on the kind of damage and the area size. 100,000 litres of water v/s 1000 litres of water in a building- the costs and time to restore the place back to its original condition significantly varies. For an exact quotation, call our experts now! 

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